Nilanjan Ray

Tech marketing pro, growthhacker & innovator, IIMC'98; wildlife photographer, traveller, bridge player and martial arts enthusiast

About me

Grew up in Kolkata. Lived in Mumbai for many years. Now in Bangalore.

Alumnus of IIM Calcutta (PGDM/MBA, Class of ’98) and Presidency College, Calcutta. Was pretty good - 99th percentile - in fun tests such as GMAT. 

Passionate wildlife photographer. In love with big cats and interesting light. Also shoot landscape and nature. Nikon guy. Was in the news for discovering a very rare tiger, perhaps the palest in the wild.

Roadtripper. Drive from Bangalore to the Himalayas when I can't resist the the pull of the mountains. Love exploring roads (and trails) less travelled in my trusty 4WD vehicle. Have a soft corner for spooky forest rest houses and old bungalows. Frequent visitor at tiger reserves across the country. Often found in the Nilgiris (the mountains, not the stores) during weekends.

Ex-practitioner, and serious follower of mixed martial arts. #restart #onmytodolist

Expert contract bridge player. If you hear me rant excitedly about bath coup or smother play, relax. These are all bridge terms.

Haven’t married the gym yet, but been seriously dating. Moved beyond an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship with fitness.

Read a lot. All sorts of stuff.

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Professional background

Technology marketing, new initiatives, digital

More than 17 years of global and local experience in tech marketing, go-to-market, and driving growth. Ex and future digital entrepreneur.

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