Tadoba National Park: Rain and Mist

Back after a quick trip to Tadoba National Park. For a change, I flew down to Nagpur, instead of driving to Tadoba from Bangalore, a 14 hour/ 1200 km drive. Saw a different side of the forest this time because of unexpected rain. Afternoons were wet, and mornings were misty. Reminded me of North Indian [...]

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Delighted To Be Featured By Nikon in “Behind The Lens”

Delighted to be featured by Nikon India in their "Behind The Lens'' series, where they cover leading Nikon shooters from India. Copy and link below. "When I was growing up in Kolkata, I used to visit the Himalayas twice a year with my parents, and enjoyed stories about wildlife and adventure. Reading and travelling helped [...]

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Dudhwa National Park: Misty Grasslands and Haunting Sal Forests

Dudhwa. The land of grasslands, swamps and tall sal trees. Mentioned in the Ramayanas. Renowned for its rich fauna, including swamp deer, Indian rhinos and huge tigers. And for the conservation efforts of Billy Arjan Singh, who was somewhat of a tiger himself. Contiguous to Royal Bardia National Park in Nepal, Dudhwa is located in [...]

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Field review: Nikon AF-S 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR lens

This post is an abridged version of an article that I had written for Nikon Rumors, a leading source of information about Nikon related news, articles and rumours. Since then, I have found nothing to change my initial impression about this lens.I like shooting predators, I am not a birder. I have shot with the [...]

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Nagarhole, Wayanad and the Pelicans

I had driven to Wayanad last December. Spent a few peaceful days in the midst of nature.While driving to Wayanad, I barely made it to Nagarhole before the gate closed (no entry b/w 6 pm - 6 am). While passing through Nagarhole and Tholpetty, I encountered elephants, gaurs, sambar, cheetal and a civet cat. Was [...]

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