Tadoba National Park: Rain and Mist

Back after a quick trip to Tadoba National Park. For a change, I flew down to Nagpur, instead of driving to Tadoba from Bangalore, a 14 hour/ 1200 km drive. Saw a different side of the forest this time because of unexpected rain. Afternoons were wet, and mornings were misty. Reminded me of North Indian [...]

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Another roadtrip to Tadoba National Park

A man can only resist so much before he gives in. I tried hard. Told myself that I had already done a few trips this year, and maybe I should wait till next year. Then people started posting photos of cubs from Tadoba. And other gorgeous tiger photos on Facebook didn’t help. In the end, [...]

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Kanha and Tadoba: A 3000 km Roadtrip | Part 2

First part of the travelogue is here: http://nilanjanray.in/kanha-tadoba-3000-km-roadtrip-part-1/ After Kanha, I left for Tadoba. Kisli to Nagpur was a relaxing drive (Khatia – Seoni – Pench – Nagpur). Picked up my old school friend from Nagpur airport, and proceeded towards Kolara, a Northern gate in Tadoba. We were staying in Svasara, a very nice resort [...]

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Kanha and Tadoba: A 3000 km Roadtrip | Part 1

I badly needed my tiger fix, an addiction. I had about seven days to spare, and looked at a few options - Corbett (clubbing my trip with official work in Gurgaon), Ranthambore (tagging along with a photo tour), Bandhavgarh etc. Finally narrowed down on Kanha and Tadoba. Kanha, because safaris were still available, and Kanha [...]

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