Happy to share that the pale tiger was featured in leading international media such as The Guardian, Fox News, The Independent (Indy100), Russia Today, CNN Español, New York Post etc. Was joking with friends that Fox News balances The Guardian, and CNN balances Russia Today. This tiger has been successful in crossing political and geographical divides, and is doing its tiny bit for global peace and conservation 🙂

The pale fella became quite popular in South America (because of CNN and Russia Today Spanish coverage), and I was pleasantly surprised to get quite a few Latin American Twitter (@nilanjanray) followers.

A few links below:

The Guardian 

Exceptionally rare ‘pale tiger’ photographed in the wild


Fox News

Extremely rare ‘pale tiger’ photographed for the first time ever


The Independent (Indy 100)

An incredibly rare pale tiger has been spotted in India


New York Post

Rare ‘pale tiger’ caught on camera for the first time


Russia Today

FOTOS: Descubren un espectacular ejemplar de “tigre pálido” único en su especie