The rare pale tiger generated a lot of buzz in Indian media. The first journalist to connect with me was one based out of Ooty, Nilgiris. After that, there was a spate of articles in domestic media, print and online. Times of India, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald, Bangalore Mirror, Bombay Times, Malayala Manorama etc. The initial articles used ‘white tiger’ in the headline, but subsequently correct technical terms – ‘pale tiger’, ‘colour morphism” etc. were used.

A few articles below:

Times of India

Look, a rare tiger spotted in Nilgiris by wildlife photographer

Hindustan Times

Wildlife photographer spots rare tiger in Nilgiris

Deccan Herald

Bengaluru based wildlife photographer captures rare pale tiger in Nilgiris

The Hindu

White tiger’ spotted in the Nilgiris
Photographer spots rare member with a pale coat caused by a genetic mutation

Bangalore Mirror

Rare pale tiger seen in the Nilgiris

The NEWS Minute

Bengaluru man spots rare ‘pale’ tiger in the Nilgiris