Twelve favourite wildlife photos from 2017. My preferences evolved over the year, and I have started experimenting more with abstracts and monochromes.

  1. Herons over dark water. Evening. Monochrome.
  2. Blackbuck stag during sunset
  3. Portrait of the pale tiger
  4. Time to fly. Starlings. Monochrome.
  5. Warrior, a massive bull gaur. Monochrome.
  6. Wild elephant in musth
  7. Pied kingfisher with colourful foliage in the background
  8. City lights. Coots during the blue hour, with light from a highrise building reflecting on the water
  9. Firebird. Backlit pelican during sunset.
  10. Angels. A panned shot of herons in the evening. Monochrome.
  11. The pale tiger in its environment
  12. Cheetal peeping out from behind a tree. Monochrome.