I had been to Tadoba last summer. There were many memorable encounteres, including this one:

A male tiger had strayed into a tigress’s territory. The tigress – Lara – had cubs, so she was forced to move else her cubs would get killed by the tiger (males often kill cubs to induce the female to get into heat and mate). She ended up in another tigress’s territory – Sonam’s – who had three month old cubs of her own. So obviously there was some conflict. Luckily the cubs didn’t suffer. This photo of Sonam – in light and shadow – was taken when she was stalking Lara’s cubs (Lara was away that time). The cubs ran away and hid, so there was no harm done in the end.

After a few days back, the male tiger moved away, and Lara and her cubs could go back to her usual territory, away from Sonam’s kingdom. All waaz waell.