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The Warrior

Story behind the shot I was driving through Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve when I saw this massive bull gaur behind some bushes. Got out carefully, stalked the animal using the bush as cover, and got close enough to take this shot. All the while hoping it doesn’t run away, or worse, charge.  This guy had torn [...]

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Urban wildlife

There are wild creatures living among us. Perhaps a hundred feet away from that road you take when going to office. Or on a tree 20 feet  from your house. I stay in East Bangalore, and can reach the city outskirts after a 10 minute drive. After a tiring day, I often do short 20-25 [...]

2023-09-16T16:45:03+05:30May 29th, 2017|Categories: Photography|Tags: , , |

3000 km winter roadtrip to Satpura National Park – Part 2

This is part 2 of the December roadtrip to Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. It was a hectic 4 nights trip, covering a distance of 3000 km. On the first night, during a night safari, I had encountered a leopard over a cow kill in the buffer zone. The next morning I had a [...]

2023-09-21T00:35:03+05:30April 3rd, 2017|Categories: Photography, Travel|Tags: , , , , , , |

Lion-tailed macaques of Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu

One afternoon I found myself driving from the Nilgiris to Anamalai Tiger Reserve. I was on a quest to frame the reclusive lion-tailed macaques through my lens. This 'Old World Monkey' isn't just another primate; it's an endangered species, its silver mane reminiscent of a regal lion. LTMs have been fighting for survival in just [...]

2023-09-20T22:27:56+05:30March 15th, 2017|Categories: Photography, Travel|Tags: , , , , |

3000 km winter roadtrip to Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh – Part 1

December's chill was in the air, it was just a few days before Christmas. Bangalore bustled with its usual energy, but a sense of restlessness settled in me, a longing to break away from the urban chaos. Securing a brief respite from work – the 24th and 26th of December – I realized I had [...]

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A 4,000 km roadtrip to Nagzira, Tadoba, and Satpura – Part 3, Satpura Tiger Reserve

I was on a cross-country wildlife roadtrip with old friends, and had visited Nagzira Sanctuary and Tadoba National Park. Now it was time to head to Satpura Tiger Reserve ( in Madhya Pradesh. Part 1 of this wildlife travelogue covering Nagzira is here: Part 2 covering Tadoba National Park is here: The journey [...]

2023-10-12T13:22:37+05:30January 15th, 2017|Categories: Photography, Travel|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

Dudhwa National Park: Misty Grasslands and Haunting Sal Forests

Dudhwa. The land of grasslands, swamps and tall sal trees. Mentioned in the Ramayanas. Renowned for its rich fauna, including swamp deer, Indian rhinos and huge tigers. And for the conservation efforts of Billy Arjan Singh, who was somewhat of a tiger himself. Contiguous to Royal Bardia National Park in Nepal, Dudhwa is located in [...]

2023-09-15T19:31:48+05:30December 5th, 2016|Categories: Photography, Travel|Tags: , , |

A 4000 km roadtrip to Nagzira, Tadoba and Satpura – Part 2, Tadoba National Park

I was out on a roadtrip with my IIM Calcutta friends, and had driven to Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary from Bangalore. Part 1 of the travelogue can be found here: It was time to head to the next destination: Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. We wanted to cut our Nagzira stint short and head to Tadoba [...]

2023-10-11T17:19:57+05:30October 10th, 2016|Categories: Photography, Travel|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Tigers of Ranthambore National Park: A 4,100 km roadtrip

The Gypsy headed towards the park exit gate. The evening breeze was chilly. It was almost too dark to shoot, and I decided to put away the camera. As I reached towards my bag, I happened to look left. And thought I was dreaming. A sub-adult male tiger lay on a forest wall. He looked [...]

2023-10-25T17:01:24+05:30September 5th, 2016|Categories: Photography, Travel|Tags: , , , , , |
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