Animalscapes, Habitat

Wild boars on a misty winter morning
13 km to Moharli, tadoba
Cormorant nests
Elephant and myna
Golden takeoff
Wild water buffaloes, Kaziranga
Elephants coming for a drink
Agility - leopard climbing down a tree
Bull gaur
Deers in Bandhavgarh
Elephant and calf
Sambars, late afternoon
Wild water buffalo and rhino, Kaziranga
Leopard about to jump
Safari on a misty morning
Dawn in the forest
Serpent eagle in Ranthambore
Tigress in golden grass
Cheetal stag
City lights
Early morning
Evening walk
Swamp deer, Dudhwa
Lone rhino
Forest track
Serpent eagle
Sambar fawn and drongo
Flying home