Hunting leopard – a huge male from Corbett National Park

A rare leopard sighting in Jim Corbett National Park. Given the profusion of tigers in Corbett (it has the highest number of tigers and the highest density of tigers in the world), the leopards have been pushed out to the peripheries and buffer zones. This was a serendipitous and a rare sighting in the Jhirna [...]

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3000 km winter roadtrip to Satpura National Park – Part 2

This is part 2 of the December roadtrip to Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. It was a hectic 4 nights trip, covering a distance of 3000 km. On the first night, during a night safari, I had encountered a leopard over a cow kill in the buffer zone. The next morning I had a [...]

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3000 km winter roadtrip to Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh – Part 1

December's chill was in the air, it was just a few days before Christmas. Bangalore bustled with its usual energy, but a sense of restlessness settled in me, a longing to break away from the urban chaos. Securing a brief respite from work – the 24th and 26th of December – I realized I had [...]

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A 4,000 km roadtrip to Nagzira, Tadoba, and Satpura – Part 3, Satpura Tiger Reserve

I was on a cross-country wildlife roadtrip with old friends, and had visited Nagzira Sanctuary and Tadoba National Park. Now it was time to head to Satpura Tiger Reserve (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satpura_Tiger_Reserve) in Madhya Pradesh. Part 1 of this wildlife travelogue covering Nagzira is here: https://nilanjanray.in/2016/08/a-4000-km-roadtrip-to-nagzira-tadoba-and-satpura-part-1-nagzira-sanctuary/ Part 2 covering Tadoba National Park is here: https://nilanjanray.in/2016/10/a-4000-km-roadtrip-to-nagzira-tadoba-and-satpura-part-2-tadoba-national-park/ The journey [...]

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Leopards of Satpura National Park

I had driven down to Satpura National Park (again!) last summer. A 3300 km roadtrip, Bangalore - Pench - Satpura National Park - back. Bangalore – Hyderabad was a steady, uneventful cruise. After picking up a friend from Hyderabad airport, I proceeded towards Nagpur. First night was spent in Rukhad, Pench, after covering 1230 km [...]

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