A greater yellownape woodpecker in the Himalayas

During a roadtrip in the Kumaon Himalayas, I was lucky to get a few shots of a greater yellownape woodpecker (Chrysophlegma flavinucha) in interesting light. In India, the greater yellownape is found mostly in the North and the East. I have seen them at 6,000+ feet in the Himalayas as well as in Corbett National [...]

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Evening abstraction – impressionist bird photos

I have been continuing to experiment with abstract wildlife shots. No, one doesn’t have to put away the camera after sunset if one is not carrying a tripod. The multi-hued dusk sky, dark shadows, and twilight colours reflected on water make for some interesting photo opportunities. Getting such shots is a matter of: Planning (e.g. [...]

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Nature photography and impressionism

Have been experimenting a bit with the camera. Given that I have zero background in arts, and am somewhat of a philistine regarding non-nature/wildlife stuff, I had to do some serious reading. Also looked at the works of renowned painters and photographers. Theory is ok, but takes practice to get things right in camera. And [...]

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Featured in Smithsonian Magazine!

Honoured to be featured in the prestigious Smithsonian Magazine for discovering and photographing the pale tiger. Smithsonian is the official journal published by Smithsonian Institution, world's largest museum and research complex based out of Washington, D.C. Smithsonian Magazine Stunning Images Capture Rare Pale Tiger in India IFLScience, an online publication dealing with the lighter side [...]

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A 4,000 km roadtrip to Nagzira, Tadoba, and Satpura – Part 3, Satpura Tiger Reserve

I was on a cross-country wildlife roadtrip with old friends, and had visited Nagzira Sanctuary and Tadoba National Park. Now it was time to head to Satpura Tiger Reserve ( in Madhya Pradesh. Part 1 of this wildlife travelogue covering Nagzira is here: Part 2 covering Tadoba National Park is here: The journey [...]

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A 4000 km roadtrip to Nagzira, Tadoba and Satpura – Part 2, Tadoba National Park

I was out on a roadtrip with my IIM Calcutta friends, and had driven to Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary from Bangalore. Part 1 of the travelogue can be found here: It was time to head to the next destination: Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. We wanted to cut our Nagzira stint short and head to Tadoba [...]

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A 4,000 km roadtrip to Nagzira, Tadoba, and Satpura – Part 1, Nagzira Sanctuary

This was a roadtrip I did a while back to the Central Indian forests. I was supposed to go to Ladakh that October. Get Leh’d - enjoy the mountains and the snow and take a selfie in Khardung La pass and all that. But the plan got dropped, and I ended up doing another autumn [...]

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